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Obdulio Piloto

Cuban-American, b.1978

Born and raised in a traditional Cuban family in Hialeah / Miami, Piloto’s humble beginnings exposed him to the realities of human challenges.
At the age of 8, Piloto lost his great-grandmother to cancer, an experience that initiated his interest in the sciences and urged his lifelong mission to find solutions for one of the world’s most devastating diseases.
His natural brilliance and determination earned Piloto a place at Cornell University, he went on to obtain a Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins University Medical School and pursue post-graduate research at Stanford University.
In 2011, Piloto co-founded Entopsis, a startup backed by visionary Peter Thiel’s Breakout Labs that developed the groundbreaking diagnostic technology of NuTec.
Applying methods of molecular portraiture to create personalized, cutting-edge works of art, the noble aim of Piloto’s art is to raise awareness and funds to benefit scientific research.


In bringing together the increasingly disassociated and
over-specialized disciplines of science, applied technology, and fine art
Piloto inspires viewers to consider universal questions about the future of humanity while encompassing a personal expression of his philosophy and worldview