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Molecularism is an art movement where the central theme is represented by its basic, essential components, often involving the use of some technological or scientific process.
by artist – scientist – inventor
70 Data-rich “Dots” Represent People
at the Most Basic Molecular Level
(Nanoscale Unbiased TExtured Capture)
These “Dots” appear insignificant to the human eye but they’re made possible by advances in nanotechnology, organic chemistry, materials science, molecular medicine, and artificial intelligence expanding 8 years in development.
The Process:
A biofluid (e.g., blood) is collected from the artist or donor for processing. 
A NuTec slide is incubated with the biofluid sample to allow molecules to bind onto the NuTec slide.
The NuTec slide is heat treated. This transforms the transparent NuTec spots into colored spots that reflect bound molecules.
The resulting, color-rich NuTec slide is scanned at high resolution.
The Scanned Nutec Slide Forms
The Basis of Dr. Piloto’s Artistic Work
Dr. Piloto’s “Dots” remind us of the interconnectedness of all things, our place in the universe, and the power of unleashing humanity’s full potential to create a more hopeful future.
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