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Contemporary Art Made by Groundbreaking Scientist-Artist
Dr. Obdulio Piloto creates artworks depicting people as deconstructed mixtures of molecules in a 70-spot ‘molecular portrait’ created using contemporary technology he co-invented.
Exploring human identity and its essence in an era of exponential technological advances that will redefine what it means to be human as we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Video: Molecular Portraits


Obdulio Piloto - Cuban-American, b.1978


Born and raised in a traditional Cuban family in Hialeah / Miami, Dr. Piloto’s humble beginnings exposed him to the realities of human challenges.

At the age of 8, he lost his great-grandmother to cancer, an experience that initiated his interest in the sciences and urged his lifelong mission to find solutions for one of the world’s most devastating diseases.
His natural brilliance and determination earned him a place at Cornell University, he went on to obtain a Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins University Medical School and pursue post-graduate research at Stanford University.
While science is the discipline through which he studies and transforms the natural world, Art is his preferred language through which he conveys insights from our shared human experience.
His representation of people as Molecular Portraits removes the cultural, socio-economic, racial, sexual and religious baggage we automatically associate with images of people, yet they’re an accurate representation of a person in a given moment in time.


featured artworks

Every artwork is signed in the back by the artist with paint embedded with encrypted DNA from his Genome
Obdulio Piloto b.1978
Molecular Self-portrait, digital composition, sublimation dye on metal.
Manifesting the exultation of creative epiphany and scientific discovery.
Fragmented Mind
Obdulio Piloto b.1978
Molecular self-portrait, digital composition.
A visual gestalt of the artist’s thought processes, Fragmented Mind reveals diverse, often conflicting interests, desires and obligations. The overlapping frames of color signify the artist’s intent of keeping opposing views together, making sense of the mind’s chaos through an amalgamation of disparate elements.
Obdulio Piloto b.1978
Acrylic on Canvas
The core truth and nature of our identities can be objectively represented by the various ‘selves’ we choose to proclaim, whether consciously or not. Each individual forms an identity by integrating their own life experiences into an internalized story that provides a sense of unity and purpose. This narration of life integrates the reconstructed past, the perceived moment, and the imagined future, dynamically realizing our ipseity.
Counter-Culture Series
Obdulio Piloto b.1978
Digital composition printed on metal
Being famous for the sake of being famous is the new nirvana.
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