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His art seeks to remind us of the interconnectedness of all things
of our place in the universe and the power of unleashing
humanity’s full potential to create a more hopeful future

Artist's Statement

Over two decades of focused, structured education and experiences centered on scientific pursuits lead me to a critical and distinct view of the world, people and emotions.
Art offers me a unique means of expressing complex concepts, while simultaneously allowing viewers deep introspection.
My representation of people as NuTec Molecular Portraits removes the cultural, socio-economic, racial, sexual and religious baggage we automatically associate with images of people, yet it’s an accurate representation of a person in a given moment in time. This frees you to ponder the theme at hand, see glimpses of yourself in the work and enjoy the interplay of colors, textures and shapes. Each NuTec spot, in isolation devoid of meaning, combined into a portrait speaks to the many facets that make up the self. I invite you to contemplate the following works, colored by my past and speaking through personal scientific discoveries, as my attempt at exploring select themes.
-Obdulio Piloto

NuTec Molecular Portraits™

Textured, colored NuTec spots constitute the
visual vocabulary of Piloto’s artwork

A world-changing technology with the potential to help millions of lives by detecting medical problems early, and potentially curing various cancers using deep science and AI.
Made possible by a series of technological advances in nanotechnology, organic chemistry, materials science, molecular medicine and artificial intelligence expanding 7 years in development.

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“After a certain high level of technical skill is achieved, science and art tend to coalesce in esthetics, plasticity, and form.
The greatest scientists are always artists as well.
                          ―Albert Einstein


(Nanoscale Unbiased TExtured Capture)


NuTec Molecular Portraits™

A NuTec Molecular Portrait™ is a molecular representation of a person
Piloto’s artworks are Molecular Portraits based on the molecular signatures generated by NuTec, a device with nano binding pockets that bind to molecules, proteins and cells.
Made up of tiny spots – each with different textures and physio-chemical properties – these molecular signatures are analyzed through a machine learning algorithm in order to diagnose an individual’s health status, including to detect cancer.
Piloto stands at the vanguard of scientific research, actualizing the possibilities of radically improving human life through the technology of artificial intelligence (AI).
These dots appear insignificant to the human eye, disguising the paradigm-shifting and life-changing power they contain.

ArtSci Authentication™

 Piloto signs each piece with paint embedded with encrypted DNA from his genome.
 The resulting proprietary DNA pattern, called ArtSci Authentication™ is specific to Piloto and offers a means of verifying the authenticity of a given art piece.
Piloto’s incorporation of DNA into each artwork offer patrons and collectors a personal connection with the artist, but also provides a highly secure means of authenticating the artwork.


Artem Scientia is committed to maintaining the privacy of our patrons commissioning artworks or donating their biological sample for the creation of future art pieces.
Artem Scientia does not and will not sequence, edit or share any donor’s DNA sample or NuTec profiles with third parties. All samples are immediately destroyed after they are incorporated into art pieces.
For added security, paint used by Piloto is stored in a vault at a secure location to prevent forgeries.
Protocols used to create, embed and authenticate an Artsci Signature are held as a trade secret.


Become part of his creative process by commissioning a piece.
Unbound by labels or societal expectations, he fully expresses himself through art, creating a unique-one-of-a-kind piece for a collector who seeks a personal connection and a story.